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Warranty Management - Consulting

Aerospace Warranty Management

Research Notes:

Aerospace Warranty Management (AWM) is one of those hybrid firms that we found during our research.  Like the two faces of Janus, AWM can be viewed as a highly specialized consulting firm, while there is another view of them as a software firm.    Their value proposition is blended within these two views.     Based on the information we had from their web site  we argued back and forth about consultancy versus software vendor and in the end we elected to categorize AWM as a consultancy with a software application.  However it is categorized it appears that AWM appears to have some very strong expertise and knowledge about Aerospace warranties which can be very complex.

Their warranty offering description:

The following are excerpts from their web site that describe their expertise in aerospace warranty management and how they work to improve their clients' warranty management capabilities in a very complex product segment.

"Warranty is managed in many different ways by various processes and the information is required constantly changing. Every OEM has different requirements to be met before a warranty claim can be processed. Aircraft Manufacturers have worked very hard with the Airline and Warranty community to ensure that the minimum of deviations are encountered through the development of these support contracts which are assigned to the customer at Aircraft delivery. It is the management of the clauses within these complex documents that your warranty process is dependant on. AWM is fully compliant with the requirements of these documents and are fully committed to their future development.


AWM has a great deal of experience in supporting aircraft fleets worldwide. We specialise in developing Warranty departments within Airlines, working closely with existing processes to deliver maximum return and benefit to you. We also work with OEMs to ensure the processes we have for in house warranty management and any processes we develop for your business are working together. This will be the best way to ensure any credits owing to you are issued in the shortest possible time."


The following excerpt from their web site describes some of the capabilities of their software application.

"Aerospace Warranty Management have developed the latest software in claim processing and management, specifically tailored for the aerospace industry.

Warranty Interface Network brings together, for the first time, all the tools you need to administrate the processing of warranty claim and track your claim analytics.

Thousands of hours of work have gone into ensuring Warranty Interface Network is as intuitive as possible, making sure user engagement will be at a maximum, whilst an incredibly secure three-key authentication system keeps out any prying eyes.

Keep your companies and employees KPIs close at hand too with Warranty Interface Network’s reporting module, giving you access to all the metrics you’ll need to ensure you hit and beat key targets.

Warranty Interface Network is an all encompassing solution for warranty processing and management with all of Aerospace Warranty Management’s extensive knowledge and experience built in, making this application a must have part for any Airlines IT tool belt."

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