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Robotic Process Automation -


Infosys - AssistEdge

Research Notes:

Infosys Technologies, a leading Indian firm in technology development, launched its AssistEdge product in January of 2013.  With RPA as one of its key components, it has been focused on improving contact center performance.  AssistEdge has delivered some impressive results:

  • Deployed in 350+ contact centers across 40 countries
  • 100,00+ agents and technicians handling 12+ million interactions per year
  • Approximate 50% reduction in Average Handling Time
  • ROI realized within 6 months.

A Description of their offering:

The following is a description from their website -


AssistEdge - Empowering agents, delighting customers with integrated customer service experience

Today the contact center industry is witnessing a paradigm shift. Enterprises are migrating from legacy contact center software to customer experience software that is socially-enabled, mobile-compatible and delivered in the cloud.

Enterprises that want to deliver an integrated customer service experience must act on three priorities. One, provide contact center agents vast knowledge repositories that overcome the challenges presented by traditional in-house knowledge bases. Two, empower agents with intelligent systems that not only help them resolve issues, but also transform them from problem solvers to revenue generators. Three, go beyond traditional channels to interact with a growing demography of younger customers who prefer to interact with customer service functions on their channels of choice like mobile and social channels.

AssistEdge: the first customer service product for contact centers that delivers an integrated cross-channel experience

AssistEdge provides an integrated customer service experience across channels including Web, chat, phone and social media, transforming contact centers from issue resolution centers to revenue generating units. AssistEdge enables organizations to realize faster return on investment through improved agent efficiency, reduced call volumes, and quicker go-live periods. Enterprises have been able to break-even on their investments in three months while tripling their returns in their first year. Our unique context-passing capability and self-help technology – provided in an intuitive dashboard – enhances agent productivity by 25% while delivering a superior customer experience.

AssistEdge is differentiated by unique capabilities such as:

  • Context passing — AssistEdge provides an integrated customer service experience across channels including Web, chat, phone and social media. The context of customer interaction is preserved across channels, every single time. This eliminates delay in service.
  • Comprehensive self-care — The patented ‘Scenario-Based Customer Service’ capability of AssistEdge provides customers with step-by-step interactive text, visual and video-based issue resolution mechanism. This helps customers resolve their issues while reducing contact center call volumes. Self-care is further enhanced by rich social media capabilities that provide customers with the most reliable solutions as recommended by peers.
  • Customer service analytics — AssistEdge analyzes service history, transaction history and social preferences to recommend upsell and cross-sell opportunities.
  • Loyalty management — AssistEdge includes loyalty management capabilities to incentivize customers for using self-care, thereby fostering greater loyalty.
  • Unified dashboard — AssistEdge helps agents enhance their productivity and efficiency. Through our unified service dashboard, agents get a single view of customers from disparate enterprise systems and applications. The powerful smart search capability helps agents access a unified knowledge base – both across enterprise applications and social media to identify the best solutions.
  •  Expert connect — During escalations, the intelligent routing algorithm helps agents quickly discover experts based on geographies and skills to provide faster resolutions.

Available across devices. Delivered in the cloud.

AssistEdge delivers a seamless experience to customers across devices and it’s available both on-premise and in the cloud. We take complete process ownership – from infrastructure and applications to professional services and consulting – with clear service-level agreements and business outcomes.

Best-in-class applications for integrated customer service experience

AssistEdge has seven key modules that can be deployed independently and as a suite:

Smart User Environment

  • Unified desktop to agents
  • Integration customer applications and systems
  • Process Automation

Interactive Self-Care

  • Simple yet feature rich knowledge based repository for problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Pre-built scenarios to empower agents and customers
  • Helps reduction of call volumes

Loyalty Management System

  • Customer Collaboration Portal
  • Customer Analytics Engine
  • Loyalty, rewards and Redemption
  • FB Integration

Alerts Notification System

  • Email, SMS and messages on TV
  • FB Integration, Mobile Alerts

Customer Service Analytics

  • Analytics engine of the suite
  • Recommendations on subscription plans based on usage patterns
  • Comparative analysis with other service providers
  • Social Listening

Real-Time Expertise Manager

  • Instant access to expertise
  • Enhance effectiveness of interaction
  • Ad-hoc to structure collaboration
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Mobile Apps

Social Assist

  • Integrated self-care portal
  • Powerful features for trouble shooting
  • Interfaces with Click-to-Call & Chat
  • FB Integration, Mobile Apps

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