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Warranty Management - Consulting

Detering Consulting

Research Notes:

We discovered Detering Consulting, founded in 2003,  in our search for information on SAP's warranty functionality.   We included them in our index because of their apparent strength and track record in implementing SAP in customer service operations.   The following is a description of their firm from their web site.

 "Detering Consulting is a premier SAP consulting firm with extensive experience in design, delivery, and implementation of SAP business solutions.

  Our focus is Sales and Distribution, Customer Service and MRO (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul), and Warranty Management, and delivering complex custom development projects. We have SAP development expertise in ABAP, Web Dynpro, Netweaver XI (Exchange Infrastructure), Enterprise Portal, Netweaver Business Client - NWBC. In 2006 SAP certified a product developed by Detering Consulting, named "RosettaNet Warranty Claims XI Business Package".

  Have been awarded SAP 'Trusted Advisor' relationships by many SAP customers."

Their warranty offering description:

The following is an excerpt from their web site providing a high level description of their knowledge of SAP functionality in customer service


 CS/SM - Customer Service

  • IWB - Inspector's Workbench (IWB): Configuration and Repair Management of complex equipment such as aircraft engines, airplane structures, landing gear, how it related to iMRO

  • Service Order and Notification Status Management

  • Rotables Management - Component Maintenance Cockpit

  • Subcontracting of component repair service

  • Equipment and Tool Management

  • SD/CS/SM/PM Archiving Strategy

  • Supplier Managed Inventory

  • System and User Status Management

  • Audit Management (CA-AUD)

  • Warranty Management in Logistics, Finance and Claims Management

Industry Segments:



Aerospace industry, Industrial Products, Automotive, Consumer Electronics

Palo Alto, CA

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