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Warranty Management - Consulting

Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Research Notes:

Infosys Technologies, the parent company of Infosys BPO, has a strong warranty POV that can be found on their web site.   Infosys Technologies has partnered with two of the application leaders reviewed in the IDC MarketScape report in 2012, SAP and Pega.    On their web site you will find  some good material on not only their POV but also a write up on their implementation of SAP with a major automotive manufacturer.   Another interesting aspect is their use of their HIMI product  for early detection of product issues leading to higher warranty costs.  Sudripto De, one of their automotive  thought leaders, has does some impressive research and development work on using free form text in conjunction with warranty data to create a self-learning warranty early warning tool.

Their warranty offering description:

The following is an excerpt from their web site provides a high level description of their SAP offering for warranty management

"Key features

 • Warranty transaction processing ERP: Built on the SAP warranty module, the Warranty Management solution incorporates best practices in automotive warranty management. It provides a comprehensive set of workflow processes and is supported by a user configurable rules engine and advanced reporting features. Our solutions offer the flexibility to meet ever changing business requirements that impact warranty policies

 • Automotive analytics and early warning system: The proprietary Holistic Information Management Infrastructure (HIMI) platform from Infosys enables the analysis of unstructured data to unearth a wealth of information in free text fields of warranty claims, CRM data, and other documents. The early warning system consists of extraction and inference engines tailored for the automotive industry

The Warranty Management solution leverages the SAP platform and tools. The preconfigured and customized ERP component allows OEMs to rapidly adapt their processes as per the business needs. The early warning system component is based on our proprietary HIMI framework."



The following is an excerpt from their web site describing their Pega solution and its benefits.

"Infosys' Pega based Warranty Management Solution is created by applying Flexible Business Rules Management framework and process optimization capabilities to Warranty Management processes. This enables manufacturers to build an agile platform for their business users to develop, modify and maintain business rules and processes dynamically. This flexibility provides the necessary speed and accuracy required to effectively and efficiently manage today's warranty business.


The Pega based Warranty Management solution helps build cross-functional synergies by transforming Warranty processing from a liability to a competitive advantage. This transformation results in improved product design, low Warranty-related costs, improves supplier collaborations, ensures regulatory compliance, and generates confidence among dealers while improving customer satisfaction.

Manufacturers benefit by:

 • Streamlined warranty and claims management processes leading to better visibility of warranty information

 • Reduced fault Detection-to-Correction cycle

 • Improved product reliability and quality

 • Reduced Warranty costs and reserves

 • Increased effectiveness of supplier chargeback

 • Efficient data exchange between dealers, OEMs and suppliers leading to collaborative resolution

 • Potential to avoid up to 10% of the total warranty costs

  ○ Up to 30% reduction in the total manual claim processing cost

  ○ Up to 15% reduction in the payments made towards suspect or erroneous claims

  ○ Up to 35% reduction in the total cost of ownership of warranty IT systems

  ○ Up to 10% cost savings due to quality insights claims data"

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 Industrial Products, Automotive

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