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Warranty Management - Consulting


Research Notes:

JLWarranty, founded in 1977, has been dedicated to improving the dealers' warranty claims management capabilities.  Historically dealers have struggled to obtain the full reimbursement for their warranty repair work.  JLWarranty has developed a suite of what can best be described as consulting and training products to assist the dealer in recovering repair costs that should be covered under warranty.

Their warranty offering description:

The following is a description of their services from their web site:

"Services Description:

The most extensive package of warranty information, training, and support available. The Warranty Administration Program educates service personnel to properly claim, collect, and keep every warranty dollar, according to GM Service Policies & Procedures. Dealerships often feel overwhelmed with information from the manufacturer and unfortunately, a lot of it goes unnoticed or doesn't get to the right individuals. This program takes all of that important information, combines it with our warranty claims processing experience and summarizes it into easy-to-understand newsletters, publications and warranty tools.

Quick benefits of subscribing...

Stay up-to-date on pressing warranty topics

• Receive summarized information on new or updated policies

• Enjoy quick warranty tips for improved claims coding

Many members state that...

• They feel the program provides a good return on investment

• They have reduced rejected claims, increased profits and saved time

• They love interacting with other warranty administrators on-line.

Members of the program also report better job satisfaction from receiving the latest factory announcements, having the proper tools to succeed, and recognition for the importance of their position. The reason for this program's nationwide success is that we listen to our members. We ask for feedback on articles, what they want to read about, what would be helpful to them, and what we can do to help them succeed."

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