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Volume 5 October, 2019

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Revenue Management - Consulting

These are vendors that provide consulting services to help organizations improve their ability to capture and renew service contracts and other forms of recurring revenue in a B2B marketplace.   Please note the distinction here of B2B.  In our July edition we identified services in the warranty space that support not only warranty administration but also the sale and administration of extended warranties in the consumer marketplace.   To our mind these are really service contracts.   In a later edition, we may move these services into this section but group them as B2C.

Using our web crawler we were able to identify three companies on the Web that promote their consulting services for recurring service revenue management .   We know there are more, but without accessible sales and marketing collateral we cannot list them in the registry for service revenue consulting.

Each of these vendors is profiled on a separate page and the name of the vendor is a link to their profile page.  Please note that all of the information provided is taken directly from the service provider's web site and whenever possible we have used the vendor's text from the web site to describe the services being offered.


There are few, if any, who know as much about service marketing and sales than Al Hahn. Any registry of service revenue consultants would be incomplete if it failed to profile Hahn Consulting.  Hahn consulting offers a robust set of services to help companies improve their service marketing capabilities.

RTM Consulting offers a portfolio of  strategic and operational advisory services  assist companies in increasing revenues and growing margins by leveraging consulting, professional and support services more effectively.

Shirley Kerns of the Pennington Law firm has helped companies implement compliance strategies for service contract providers and administrators in the service contract industry.  This type of service has become increasingly important as state regulators have placed increasingly greater attention on companies offering extended warranty contracts.

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