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Revenue Management - Software

These are vendors that provide software specifically oriented to the management of service contracts or service revenue.  This does not include those companies that use their own proprietary software as part of their service offering in providing managed services for contracts and recurring revenue as in the case of Rainmaker Systems. We do list ServiceSource as a vendor as they offer software as a service (SaaS) separately from their managed services offering.  Also we do not include the service management vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Service Now, etc.  For those companies, the contract management capabilities are embedded in the service management system and for the most part are not separate functions in and of themselves.

Each of these vendors is profiled on a separate page and the name of the vendor is a link to their profile page.  Please note that all of the information provided is taken directly from the service provider's web site and whenever possible we have used the vendor's text from the web site to describe the services being offered.

Has expanded its product portfolio to include two SaaS offerings. OnDemand provides the customer with the same tools that are used by ServiceSource in their managed services offering. Scout Analytics provides the customer with the analysis tools needed to improve their sales penetration and service renewal rates.

Is dedicated to helping value-added resellers, channel partners, and organizations improve their capabilities to renew service contracts through a standalone SaaS offering. During our search of the web we found Reniew to be fairly unique as a software offering.

Uses agile technology to streamline the configuration of their software to speed the implementation of their contract management functionality.

Is focused on helping high-tech companies increase their service revenue while reducing the costs of capturing that revenue. They offer a portfolio of products that are supported with consulting expertise, and that can be leveraged in using MMI as a managed services provider.

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