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Robotic Process Automation -


These are vendors that provide consulting and implementation support for Robotic Software capabilities.   The shortness of the list is reflective of how this technology is in a nascent period of growth which should accelerate in the coming years.

Each of these vendors is profiled on a separate page and the name of the vendor is a link to their profile page.  Please note that all of the information provided is taken directly from the vendor's web site and whenever possible we have used the vendor's text from the web site to describe their software offering.

In a future edition of the CSJ we will be providing more  information based on deeper research and interviews with vendors.   If the reader knows of another vendor that should be included in the list, please send an email to

Founded in 2012 by James Hall, Genfour has been a rising star in the world of robotic process automation.  Today Genfour has a solid reputation for its leadership as a consultant and integrator in software robotics automation partnering with companies such Blue Prism

Founded by former leaders in the outsourcing industry, Virtual Operations focus is entirely on robotics process automation (RPA) and like Genfour is an alliance partner with Blue Prism.  They work with their clients to offer a full suites of services that includes; consulting, training, cloud services, and robotic development.

We profiled Accenture's BPM Consulting capabilities in that section.   This year, Accenture and IPsoft signed a strategic alliance for IPsoft's Amelia., a cognitive reasoning RPA product.   This will certainly result in Accenture expanding its BPM practice to include RPA.  Please note the link on this page is to Accenture's BPM practice.

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