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Volume 5 October, 2019

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These are consultancies focus primarily on customer service strategy. While our search resulted in a number of vendors we have only had enough time before releasing this issue to list two.


 John Thomann, Managing Editor

Service Strategies has long been recognized as a leader in enabling companies to realize significant improvements in their customer service operations.  The core for many of their service offerings is a robust set of industry standards that they have developed in partnership with over 50 firms.

Founded by Sam Klaidman, Middlesex Consulting uses their unique methodology to solve such the challenges of designing and commercializing service contracts for very specific segments of their client's customer base and helping service executives uncover and deliver a unique value proposition to their customers.

MarketiiMedical is focused on the voice of the customer, offering a comprehensive portfolio of programs and services to the medical device market.  They advertise that they have never lost a customer because of their focus and dedication to their customers.

Alexander Consulting helps customers reach the next level of service performance.  Founded by James "Alex" Alexander, a noted author, they offer deep knowledge and experience on the best practices in the service business.   They emphasize their realistic approach that is tuned to their client's unique situations.


The East Bay Group offers a different approach for CX consulting than many of the other consulting firms.  They have a transparent approach that helps the customer build self-sufficiency in managing the customer experience.  Their belief is that the customer has all of the ingredients to succeed, they just need some coaching and tools.  They offer a flexible tailored approach that enables the customer to choose their level of involvement.

Mulberry is a leading customer experience consultancy that operates globally across a wide range of industries. They offer a robust approach to Customer Journey Mapping.  They offer an "Outside in" approach that creates a view of the company from the perspective of their customers that has both rational and emotional perspectives.  Those insights are then used to create actions that will build continuous success for the company.

For more than 20 years the Peppers & Rogers Group has been helping customers worldwide to improve their capabilities in creating long-term and valuable relationships.  They are one of the pioneers of the concept of the customer as a segment of one. Recently they have broadened their capabilities across their four practices, Customer Experience Strategy, Operations and Technology Excellence, Learning Innovation, and Customer Insight Analytics.

Founded in 2002, Beyond Philosophy has become a leader in helping organizations create customer experiences that will "drive value, reduce costs and build competitive advantage".  Central to their approach is the CES (Customer Experience Statement).  They have a formulaic approach that is fairly unique, Beyond Philosophy has a strong customer list that demonstrates their ability to deliver.

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