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We launch the Technology subsection for Strategy with a tool for improving Customer Experience Management, SuiteCX.   This is an exciting new tool for customer experience journey mapping that is graphically rich, providing a common platform for collaborating on improving the Customer Experience.

 John Thomann, Managing Editor


Research Notes:

Valerie Peck and Anne Kramer have taken their years of experience in delivering customer experience mapping and have used it to create a visually-based set of tools that analyze and map customer experience. This tool can be implemented by the customer with little if any consulting support. Rarely do we find a methodology that is transferred into a a set of software functionality that can be used by the customer out-of-the-box. If you are faced with the challenges of customer experience analysis and mapping, this tool is worthy of your attention.

A Description of their offering:

The following is a description from their website of this suite of tools -


"suitecx® is a multi-dimensional suite of tools designed to enable marketing and sales professionals to visualize impact, cost and ROI based on customer, employee and institutional viewpoints.

suitecx® allows users to make fact based decisions and process improvements that are grounded in the customer experience. Customer-centric diagnostics, touch inventories, experience maps, data-driven personae and customer storytelling and precision marketing are all components of this groundbreaking software.


Stop using many different software tools to house your complete customer experience! suitecx is the glue that keeps your customer experience together."


"suitecx Products

suitecx is made up of four products:

 • visualizecxTM

 • precisioncxTM

 • diagnosticcxTM

 • automatecxTM (future)

Each module can stand alone, but each is also built to coordinate with the others so that you can build a comprehensive customer experience program.

We help businesses understand their customers

suitecx helps clients succeed by offering comprehensive, customer-focused methodologies and tools that serve as living self-improvement processes for each department in your organization. This, along with a carefully designed, pre-developed knowledgebase of best practices, will put you ahead of your competition.

By taking a customer-eye view of your company, our tools help identify the internal gaps within your organization, processes, information and technology that impact the customer experience. Then we look from the outside in - across your customer's journey to identify what works and what doesn't. Inside out and outside in -- we identify and prioritize your opportunities, gap fillers and innovative ideas to create a path to success.

 .....let us show you how to:

• Shorten your customers´ path to purchase

 • Correct ineffective or negative touches

 • Visualize complex data from multiple sources

 • Identify barriers to spending and retention

 • Enhance customer engagement

 • Hear the voice of your company, customer and employees"



visualizecx is a set of multi-dimensional canvases that allow sales and marketing professionals to visualize both emotional and data-driven customer information.

visualizecx is a remarkable visualization tool can be applied to a wide variety of needs, including:

 • Diagnostics / Survey visualization

 • Storytelling and visual persona mapping

 • Sales / Marketing strategy and planning

 • Customer experience improvements

 • Contact and campaign strategies

 • Marketing automation planning

 • Sales / Marketing calendars

 • New product development

 • Process improvement"



precisioncx helps to speed the ideal path to purchase by combining significant knowledge about your customers, their behaviors, and their communications preferences into a concise contact strategy.

precisioncx takes your customer journey into consideration in providing data-driven, step-by-step flows for acquisition, retention, winback and other critical moments of truth.

  • Provides a full contact strategy that drives new customers into and through the sales funnel, recommending communications and plans to deepen engagement, including inbound / outbound / interactive as well as trigger programs
  • Displays dashboard metrics and scorecards in an elegant storyboard
  • Guides both strategy and tactical efforts across departments and across the customer lifecycle



diagnosticcx supports a structured review of a company's customer readiness using surveys, analysis, and benchmarking to highlight Voice of Customer, Institution and Employee.

diagnosticcx provides a comprehensive "you-are-here" insight into a company's current state customer experience.

  • Proven methodology that has been used and refined in over 100 customer projects
  • Tailored to B2B and/or B2C business models
  • Categories benchmark against top analyst and industry data
  • Extensive surveys that capture Voice of the Customer, Institution, and Employee



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