The Customer Service Journal

Volume 5 October, 2019

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ISSN: 2374-9296

Websters provide the following simple definition of strategy as:

 "A careful plan or method for achieving a particular goal usually over a long period of time"


In this section we explore the tools, technology, and consulting resources, and knowledge that supports the development of strategies for improving service delivery.

Customer Experience (CX) has been adopted by many companies to explore how successful they are in servicing and supporting their customers, as well as, gaining new insights into unfilled customer needs that can be converted into new sources for service revenues.

There is considerable exposure to CX in the CSJ from a consulting, technology, knowledge perspectives.  And in the coming issues we hope to provide greater coverage in this area.

We need to learn more about how autonomics (Software Robotics, and Process Automation) are influencing both the development and execution of service strategies.


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