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Warranty Management - Consulting

In this section we focus on those consultancies that appear to have a demonstrable value proposition in assisting customers with the challenges of Warranty Management.   In our research of  known consultancies, we looked at each of their web sites for some indication of a value proposition, and in many cases our research revealed very little.   We will continue to research this area and in up coming issues we should be able to add some more companies  to our list.  For a couple of the vendors such as GWG and Aerospace Warranty we found consultancies that offered a solution that had both consulting and software components.    For theses companies we choose to categorize them as consultancies as we believe that their solution is centered more on helping companies with their expertise, their software offering as one component of the value proposition.  In a future issue we may offer a cross index for those companies that have multiple solution components.

Each of these vendors is profiled on a separate page and the name of the vendor is a link to their profile page.  Please note that all of the information provided is taken directly from the service provider's web site and whenever possible we have used the vendor's text from the web site to describe the services being offered.

In a future edition of the CSJ we will be providing more  information based on deeper research and interviews with the vendors.   If the reader knows of another vendor that should be included in the list please send an email to

Aerospace Warranty Group is, as its name implies, a 'niche' vendor, providing warranty expertise to its aerospace customers.  Coupled with that expertise they offer a software application to help their customers manage their warranty claims.

We discovered Detering Consulting in our search for information on SAP's warranty functionality.   We included them in our index because of their apparent strength and track record in implementing SAP for customer service operations.

Infosys Technologies has a strong warranty POV that can be found on their web site.   Infosys  has partnered with two of the application leaders reviewed in the IDC MarketScape report in 2012, SAP and Pega.  Additionally they have strengths in warranty claims analysis using their HIMI technology.

JLWarranty is dedicated to improving the dealers' warranty claims management capabilities.  They have developed a suite of what can best be described as consulting and training products to assist the dealer  in recovering repair costs that should be covered under warranty.

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