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Warranty Management -


Research Notes:

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Warranty Week



Published by Eric Arnum, Warranty Week ( has long been recognized as an invaluable source for information on OEM and Extended Warranties.  But it is more than just a weekly newsletter, it is also a great research tool Eric has archived all of the Warranty Week's past articles which can be searched using the Ubiquiti search engine.   For instance type in "FASB" and you will find all of the articles that relate to the FASB accounting rules for warranties from 2003 to the present.  You can also find reports on warranty performance by industry segment or individual company.

IDC or International Data Corporation (   has done some excellent work in the area of Warranty Management.  Sheila Brenan and Joe Barkai have developed a five level Warranty Management Capability Model which they used in the "IDC MarketScape report:  Worldwide Warranty Transaction Management 2012 Vendor Assessment ".    Their maturity model is well worth looking at as an internal assessment tool or for benchmarking software packages or services.


Headquartered in Boston, the Aberdeen Group ( offers easy access to many of its reports on Warranty Management.   Aberdeen has placed considerable focus on customer service and hosts a Chief Service Officer (CSO) summit every year.


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