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Warranty Management -


These are vendors that provide a service that is embedded in the life cycle of a warranty claim.   In this edition, there are two broad categories of service providers: companies that provide warranty services on behalf of an OEM, and companies that provide warranty services on behalf of the customer.  In both cases the services are deeply integrated into the Warranty value chain.  A couple of vendors provide services to both OEM's and customers.

There also is a further sub-categorization where companies such as DeployNet and Arvato HighTech incorporate logistic services such as the receipt of defective returns and perform the initial fault analysis and warranty validation.  While other companies such as Infosys BPO and AWN are only processing the warranty claim from a customer/dealer.

For some of these vendors such as Arvato HighTech warranty processing is a part of a larger set of services that address asset life cycle needs.

Each of these vendors is profiled on a separate page and the name of the vendor is a link to their profile page.  Please note that all of the information provided is taken directly from the service provider's web site and whenever possible we have used the vendor's text from the web site to describe the services being offered.

In a future edition of the CSJ we will be providing more  information based on deeper research and interviews with the vendors.   If the reader knows of another vendor that should be included in the list, please send an email to


Offers warranty validation and testing as part of its supply chain management solution.   They cover the high tech and telecommunications product segments.

GWG has developed its own proprietary technology, STARS, to support its web-enabled services for managing both OEM and extended warranties.


Automotive Warranty Network provides dealers with an outsourced alternative for submitting and tracking warranty claims to car manufacturers.

Infosys BPO Ltd. has had success in processing warranty claims from dealers in the heavy equipment and industrial products arena.

US based DeployNet offers warranty management as one of their asset- managed services which are focused on the high tech and communication product segments.

Swiss based SR Technics provides repair services to it's aeronautical customers with a strong focus on the Boeing and Airbus fleets.   Warranty management is provided through its global customizable service offerings to Air Lines and fleet owners.

DecisionOne Corporation claims to be the largest independent technology support organization in North America.  Its managed services  portfolio includes a warranty management offering.

India based Tech Mahindra provides warranty claims processing through its strong automotive practice.  A global service provider, they have operations in over 100 countries.

This UK based firm uses its quality  management focus on processing warranty returns for the automotive market.    They have received several awards reflecting their success.

W3 Solutions

Part of the Canadian Walker Group of Companies, W3 Solutions helps companies create, market, and execute  Extended Warranty programs.

New Leaf Service Contracts

Offers a dealer centric service for the administration of extended service contracts.   They advertise themselves as offering: "a whole new approach to product protection" with "service plans custom-built for your customers."


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